What’s a PODCAST ?

A Podcast is best described as “RADIO ON DEMAND”…thus the strange RODcast in our name. Its an audio show that you can listen to at your convenience. Fresh episodes will pop up on your phone/ device once you subscribe to it. Android users please download CASTBOX to receive our shows fresh from the oven. iPhone users, search for Biker Radio Rodcast on your PODCAST app.

Motorcycling in India today has a growing fan following both as a sport as well as an escape, for tens of thousands of riders apart from the nearly 4 MILLION who use it for daily commute.

Long Way HomeFor enthusiasts, it begins with an exploratory journey, of what’s out there, slowly changing course; inward. A journey of rides, machines, relationships, passion, temper, frustrations, unbridled joy, tears, laughter, bonhomie……memories and learnings that add to the mettle and the badge of pride that bikers wear on their hearts. This show embodies the spirit of motorbiking.

BRR showcases their stories, one rider at a time, on “Long way home” an editorial feature on each episode. “My way“, “Big Mic“, “Truck Shayari” and many other features highlight the BRR show creating a busy soundscape and an exciting earful.

BRR is produced by Soundboard Media Pvt. Ltd. bringing 20 years of radio expertise to create fresh content and a new possibility for radio.

You can contact us on +91 8920276675 or write in to mail@brrodcast.com

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