Nikal padee

(just got rolling….)

Hi, we’re Shandy and Sunny, both within smelling distance of our 50s and we’re hitting the road with our show – The BIKER RADIO RODCAST. Its a podcast for motor-heads featuring a fresh story of a motorcycle rider on each episode, biker updates on rides and a whole lot more.

We already have over half a dozen shows out in the last 90 days and we’re excited to see the enthusiasm with which both listeners and guests have addressed the show.


We have made the show easy flowing and would like to ensure that our listeners get easy access to fresh episodes. ANDROID device users, download the CASTBOX app from Google Play Store and ‘search’ for Biker Radio Rodcast and once you do find it, ‘subscribe’ to it. This will save you the hassle of downloading the show as you can stream it and pause it automatically between calls……….Castbox is the Android Excellence App of 2017!

On iPhones, search for Biker Radio Rodcast on your PODCAST app.

Ants at work

CROWD SOURCING……our grand plan of operation for the show.

There are a few ways how you can help;

  1. Record your audio on Whatsapp from a ride  and share it on +91 8920276675
  2. Connect to promote your club/ ride or cause.
  3. Critique/ make suggestions for the show or draw our attention where required
  4. Listen and recommend the BIKER RADIO RODCAST.
  5. Connect to contribute skills: IT, marketing, law, tourism, business etc.

What on Earth is a podcast ? Click on the “What’s a PODCAST” page

For help ‘Installing the CASTBOX player

To leave a comment or to connect with us, go to the contact page